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Thermal Insulation Tape Supplier

We at Atelthi product industry is recognized as one of the leading name in the segment of thermal insulation tape supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Under our offered range we provide Aluminium foil tape along with thermal insulation tape and other high quality tapes. Our all tapes are made using high quality raw materials and provide exceptional adhesion to cater needs of various industries. Our these product is effectively useful to maintain temperature in electrical sector with the help of heat dissipating properties. These tapes are flexible and provide low conductivity to temperature. That is why they are very useful in various applications of thermal management and heat sink mounting. These tapes are well known for their excellent bonding strength, electrical insulation and reliability.

On laminated insulation, they can provide effective and permanent bond as moisture barrier and also suitable for many laminated insulation joints. They are used in water tank insulation, pipe insulation, metal building and wall insulation. We produce this high quality tape by employing latest machinery and using advance technology. Each product is passed through strict quality check under quality experts to obtain best quality. We make available these products in different specification and requirement. They are available in various thickness range as per diverse application. We can also manufacture customize products as per customer demand and specification. As a leading thermal insulation tape supplier in India, we assure that our product is made of using good quality raw material, durable, light weight, cost effective and provide excellent bonding strength. Some of the important features are given as below:


  • Ideal for application related to thermal insulation
  • Heat and chemical resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • One side coated with strong silicone adhesive
  • Used in bag making machine, cutting, printing and impulse sealer

TPTFE Adhesive Fabric Tape

PTFE Adhesive Fabric Tape

PTFE cloth coated with adhsive, used for heat insultion upto 550 deg C.

High Silica Aluminum Tape

High Silica Aluminum Tape

Spl high temp aluminized cloth cated with silicne adhesive used as heat insulatin tape for cables,pipes from radiant heat.

Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminium foil coated with adhesive used for sealing of fibre glass duct board in HVAC ,for holding of heating coil in heat tracing systems.